Llangynllo to Knighton

Country Walking – June 2022

The June 2022 issue of Country Walking has my walking route from Llangynllo to Knighton.

This issue focuses on walks using public transport, so most of the routes inside make the most of strolls between stations.

This route uses the Heart of Wales railway line, which is single track between Craven Arms and near to Llanelli.

Train approaching Knighton

It’s only a few minutes along the track to Llangynllo (it’s two stops, which includes going over Knucklas Viaduct), but Llangynllo really does feel as though it’s in the middle of nowhere (because it is!).

Train departing Llangynllo

Here’s the busy road from Llangynllo station towards the village …

Rush hour in Llangynllo

The route heads across fields, eventually rejoining the road to drop into the village.

Approaching Llangynllo

The benefit of being in the middle of nowhere is that the scenery is gorgeous.

Packed with people.

From Llangynllo, I picked up Glyndwr’s Way, which returned me to Knighton.

Spot Knighton in the distance!