Our World Book Night

The Remains of an Altar by Phil Rickman
Our World Book Night dedication

Further to my World Book Night posting I made yesterday, and Nicola Morgan’s suggestion of a complimentary action of actually BUYING a book from a bookshop and giving it away free to someone else (to the benefit of the bookshop, publisher and author), I have done just that! I walked into my excellent independent bookshop, Burway Books of Church Stretton, and purchased a copy of Phil Rickman‘s The Remains of an Alter. Phil Rickman sets many of his books within the Diocese of Herefordshire, of which Church Stretton falls, so it has a wonderful local connection. But even better than that, the owner of Burway Books, Ros Ephraim, is even mentioned in the author’s credits (page 504) for the help she gave him whilst researching for this particular novel. It seemed the perfect book for this event!

Whilst I was writing the dedication inside (pictured above), Ros approached an unsuspecting young woman and asked her if she would like a free book. Understandably, she was a little taken aback, but graciously accepted the gift in the spirit of World Book Night.  If everyone who commented on Nicola’s Blog has done what they promised to do, then Our World Book Night efforts will have made a small contribution to booksellers, publishers, authors and readers up and down the country too.

Let’s hope that next year’s World Book Night is bigger, better, and more supportive of bookshops, and authors who are perhaps not as well known as the authors in tonight’s free book giveaway. And of course, you don’t have to wait until World Book Night in order to give a book to somebody. It’s an action you can do at any time of the year. And it’s one that not only benefits the recipient, but a whole chain of grateful people too.

4 thoughts on “Our World Book Night”

  1. Simon – thank you and well done! I wonder if the organisers of World Book Night will take notice of what we’re doing and incorporate this idea next year? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  2. I’m giving away WBN titles, too. But I also did this today, inspired by Nicola’s idea. I bought a book from my local independent book shop and left it, with a note, in my favourite (independent) cafe.

    It was very satisfying!

  3. I loved this idea so much, I tweeted it! Was especially glad to do so as am a huge fan of Burway Books & even based the bookshop in my book, Last Christmas on it! Ros & Emma did me a wonderful signing last year, so they’re getting a mention in my next book!

  4. I didn’t get my act together to do the deed on 5th March but am in Shrewsbury next week so intend to buy a book at Pengwern books in the market and to leave it in for someone to pick up. Thanks for the nudge Simon. I think that Nicola has had an excellent idea and hope the WBD organisors take it up next year.


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