River Onny and Hopesay Hill

The September 2020 issue of Country Walking has my River Onny and Hopesay Hill route in it.

River Onny and Hopesay Hill – Country Walking – September 2020

This was the second route I walked after they eased lockdown restrictions (for exercising) and I hardly saw another soul all day. Which was such a shame, because the weather was glorious.

You can download the full route description here from the 1000miles website.

The route starts at the Onny Meadows car park and it soon becomes clear the path follows a disused railway line.

All Aboard the Onny Meadows!

This was part of the old Craven Arms to Bishops Castle route, which still has some railway remnants, as you wander by.

The remains of a bridge crossing the railway line.

The route follows the banks of the River Onny for a while, and there are places where you can visit the bank side (or view it from above on bridges that cross it. (I walked the route during that dry spell we had early in the summer, and I’ve never seen the River Onny so low.)

A nearly-dry River Onny

Look out for the only remaining intact bridge across the railway line …

Glenburrel Bridge – the only intact bridge remaining that crosses this line.

The hedgerows were full of wild roses this year.

Wild roses in the hedgerows.

The route also wanders around Wart Hill. It’s possible to divert up here, as an extension to this route.

Wart Hill ahead!

The better views can be had from Hopesay Hill, and the stroll to the summit just gets better and better. There’s even a seat to perch upon and admire the view.

The view from Hopesay Hill

As the route continues along the summit ridge, it then follows an amazing row of oak trees.

A row of interesting oak trees.

And although not part of the route published in the magazine, I diverted briefly into St Michael’s Churchyard at Sibdon Carwood. Sadly, Covid-19 restrictions meant I couldn’t go inside the church at the time, but the churchyard itself was interesting, with some amazing gravestones and a wonderful stone outbuilding. If you tackle the route, I hope the weather is as good to you, as it was to me.