Shropshire Snapper

If I could ask the BBC WeatherWatcher service to make one minor change, it would be to show where our images had been used.

You see, this morning, a friend messaged me to say they’d seen my photo on the telly last night. Puzzled, I checked out my BBC WeatherWatcher page and sure enough, the last photo I uploaded to the site yesterday had an Editor’s Pick badge on it.

Yay! An Editor’s Pick!

So I began trawling through the weather forecasts on the BBC iPlayer, looking for where it may have been used. I usually check the regional forecast first, then the national ones, and if I can’t find it there, sometimes I can find something on the BBC Weather channel.

Frustratingly, I couldn’t find it. So I went back to my friend and asked where she’d seen it. It was definitely the evening regional news programme, she confirmed. So I went back and reviewed the weather forecast at the end of the show and … nothing! It didn’t make sense.

Then, I accidentally clicked on my computer screen somewhere, causing the BBC iPlayer video to start at the beginning again, and suddenly, there it was! It popped up on the screen, with Shefali Oza as a trailer for the forecast later in the show.

Tracing your images is hard work sometimes!

Found it!

And here’s the video clip!