Shropshire’s Lake District

The July 2020 issue has my Ellesmere route in it. It’s a classic route because it’s one of the best ways to see three of the largest meres in Shropshire.

Ellesmere – Country Walking – July 2020

First, though, there’s the small matter of negotiating the 80-metre Ellesmere tunnel. (It is possible to avoid this by climbing up to the road and crossing over the road, although the road can be busy at times, so exercise caution.

Approaching the Ellesmere Tunnel

As you can see, you can see all the way through, so it’s not daunting, really. Just be advised that anyone over five and half feet tall may have to walk like I did, leaning over the handrail to my right to avoid hitting my head! (Those with small children may want to note that there’s no barrier under the handrail, so keep little ones on the left against the tunnel wall.)

And here’s the other side …

Looking back

From here, the route follows the canal, sandwiched between the Shropshire Union Canal and Blake Mere, along quite a narrow strip of land …

Water on the left …. water on the right!

Near the end of the route, look out for the sculptures dotting Cremorne Gardens. (For a full list of sculptures to be found dotted around Ellesmere, visit:


Near the journey’s end, the route wanders along the promenade alongside The Mere, Ellesmere’s biggest mere, perfect for feeding the ducks!