Business of Writing – Get Help Through Business Synergies

BoW - Get Help - Business Synergies _ July 2015


Businesses make themselves stronger by joining forces. Simon Whaley discovers how this can help your writing.

Writing is a lonely occupation, but those writers who succeed tend to be the ones who seek support from elsewhere. In the world of business this is known as a synergy, when two or more businesses co-operate to produce a result greater than their separate parts. As individual writers we have strengths, but we also have weaknesses. In order to develop as writers we need to recognise those weaknesses and then join forces with another business that can help us overcome them, making us much stronger in a competitive world.

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Business of Writing – Free Words?

BoW - Free Words


Is it good business to write for free? Simon Whaley explores the value of your words.

Picture the scene: an email pops into your inbox. The editor loves your submission and wants to publish it. Sadly, there’s no budget to pay contributors, but it’s a great opportunity to see your name in print, and it’ll give you a piece to put in your published portfolio. So, what do you do?

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Writing Magazine – The Business of Writing – Rights

Know Your Rights - Writing Magazine - July 2014
Know Your Rights – Writing Magazine – July 2014

My latest article in the Business of Writing series has just been published in Writing Magazine. Know Your rights looks at the various rights writers need to consider offering/retaining when submitting their work to editors.

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New Series in Writing Magazine

The Business of Writing: my new series of articles on the business of writing has just started in the latest issue of Writing magazine (April 2014 – out now).

BoW - Tax

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The Wrong Number

When Lisa Edwards’ telephone number appeared on Ricky Butcher’s mobile phone in an episode of the BBC’s popular Eastenders soap opera last year, she soon discovered what happens when a …

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