The Interesting World of Amazon Rankings

As an author, it’s tempting to nip onto Amazon’s website and look at how your books are ranking on their sales charts compared to others. However, it does bring up some interesting results. Sometimes, it seems that books are not always categorised as correctly as they should be!

For example:

100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human

100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human was, at 10.25pm, ranking at the 60th most popular book in the category, Books > Music, Stage & Screen > Performing Arts > Dance!

I was a little more pleased to see it ranking in the Books > Humour > Dogs, Cats & Animals too!



Meanwhile, the Bluffer’s Guide to Banking:

The Bluffer’s Guide to Banking by Robert Cooper and Simon Whaley

is currently ranking (at 10.29pm) at number 11 in Books > Music, Stage & Screen > Music > Guides to Music > Jazz!

Does this mean that all bankers are closet Jazz players or that Jazz players are hoping to make more money by becoming bankers?

2 thoughts on “The Interesting World of Amazon Rankings”

  1. My book, Showing Your Dog a Beginner’s Guide is listed under a gardening section on Amazon. I did laugh when I found it sitting alongside a book on how to make corsets and another on knitting. Perhaps these are all hobbies one should follow when sitting in the garden?


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