The Magic of Mistletoe

At the beginning of December last year, I had a fabulous day out in Tenbury Wells at its Mistletoe festival. This year’s event was supposed to take place on Saturday 5th December but, sadly, because of the pandemic, this year’s event has been cancelled. But there are plans for a festival again in 2021!

The Magic of Mistletoe – The People’s Friend Special – Issue 200

Tenbury, literally, goes mistletoe mad, as I discovered on my visit. They stick mistletoe, EVERYWHERE!

It’s on the fencing outside the local supermarket …
They hang it on the walls!

And, of course, it’s a good place to buy a sprig, or branch, or armful (depending upon how much kissing you’re planning on doing!)

Bulk buying.
More mistletoe for sale!

Part of the festival includes a pagan blessing by druids of this mystical plant. The procession starts from near Tenbury’s famous bridge-with-a-bend-in-it.

Druids gathering …

And then the processions heads along the River Teme to the wide open space of The Burgage.

Holding hands in a giant circle.

The male and female plants (only the female plants have white berries on them) are brought together, as a sign of fertility.

Later in the evening, there’s a procession through town to round off the day, which guest stars a special visitor!

Hot stuff!
Special guest.
Name in lights.

Let’s hope 2021 is a better year, and Tenbury’s fabulous Mistletoe Festival can take place again. If you can make it – do go along! (It’ll be the first Saturday in December.)