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100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human

100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human

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With over 243,400 copies sold through traditional book retail outlets and other gift outlets such as National Trust shops, Gardening Centres and tourist gift shops, 100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human stormed up the Christmas bestseller lists in 2003. The original book to show humans exactly what their dogs were thinking and revealing the biggest secret of them all – we don’t train them – they train us.


On days out to the beach, always be the first in the family to get out of the car, onto the beach and into the sea. Always be the last in the family to get out of the sea, onto the beach and into the car. Remember to shake excess sea water from your fur once you are inside the car.

Humans may refrain from passing you food to test.

To them, a piece of salmon, followed by Liquorice Allsorts, a chocolate cake, and a selection of vegetables is a foul combination. Humans believe meals should be categorised into three sections. A starter, a main course and a sweet. Disavow them of this. Food is food is food.

Always make sure you have more energy at the end of a walk, than you did at the beginning. Believe me, humans love the futility of taking you for a walk to tire you out.

Amazon Reviews

I was given this book as a Christmas present last year. It’s a non-serious, tongue in cheek book written from the perspective of the family dog. This in no way is meant to be a serious insight into a dogs mind, nor a training tool. It will cause dog owners a chuckle as they recognise errant patterns of behaviour in their own dog – and the seemingly cunning reasons behind the pooch’s actions.

This `instruction manual’ for dogs certainly hits the mark by describing to any self-respecting, independent-thinking dog (and lets face it, given half a chance they all are!) how to behave in order to fully ensure their human owners know their place in the pack. A nice book that any dog owner will be nodding their head in agreement to, as they are bound to recognise the same tricks that their own dog gets up to.

Made me wonder what Barney in the hilariously funny book Shakespeare My Butt! would have wrote about John Donoghue (the author) had Barney (John’s dog) wrote a list of `Ten Commandments of Dog Owners’ to keep John in line, instead of John writing `Ten Commandments of Dog’ to keep Barney in line! And what Ollie in Stephen Foster’s book Walking Ollie would have to say about him!

A good book if you’re looking for something to make you giggle. 

This book is so true but it is isnt serious at all. Its more like a joke book in some ways but outlining the fact that dogs are actually intelligent and that humans aren’t as clever.

Published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2003
Priced £4.99
ISBN: 9780340862360


Three Foreign Editions available!

Italian Edition

Portuguese Edition

100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human USA Edition

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