Age UK Magazine Models

My latest batch of Age UK photos has been published in The People’s Friend magazine. They’re such a lovely team at the Newport, Shropshire shop, and they are all fantastically friendly, especially when they hate having their photos taken! Mind you, I can understand their reticence. When you give up your time to volunteer in a charity shop you don’t expect to find yourself as a magazine model strutting your stuff in front of over 400,000 readers.

Age UK feature in The People's Friend magazine
Age UK feature in The People’s Friend magazine

But Sharon and her team are always willing to help out and suggest potential photo ideas. I last visited them about ten days ago, where I met Margaret, who is the shop’s longest running volunteer. She agreed to have her photo taken and hopefully those pictures will be appearing in the next instalment of the series in March (21st March 2015).

It was lovely to hear from Sharon how many of the magazine’s readers have been enjoying the articles (and my photos) and sending items to Sharon for her to sell in the shop. I saw some lovely handmade greetings cards that had been donated by one reader. And Sharon has been busy writing letters back to them all. I don’t know where she finds the time.

So next time you pass an Age UK shop, why not pop in and have a look? Say hello to the staff and volunteers. And see if they’re following the series of articles in The People’s Friend. You never know, they may be grateful they don’t have me turning up on their doorstep every few weeks uttering the photographer’s cliche: tits and teeth!