Another 5-star Review for The Positively Productive Writer

I was delighted to see another person has added a 5-star review on Amazon for the Positively Productive Writer. Sheepfarmer said:

I bought this book, thought `I’ll just read one chapter’ before bed,’ then couldn’t put it down and ended up reading most of it at one sitting. `The Positively Productive Writer’ homed in on all those nasty little negatives that stop me from writing and dealt with them: everything from finding extra writing time to dealing with rejection gremlins. It even told me how to identify my most creative and productive moments. An engaging and very encouraging read.

I’d like to thank Sheepfarmer for their kind words and I hope it helps with their writing productivity, which will be rewarded with writing success.

I also note that have dropped the price, again, to £7.53 (what a love round number!)

For more information about The Positively Productive Writer, visit here.



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