The Positivity Grows!

Well, since The Positively Productive Writer launched, I’ve been overwhelmed by the comments I have received. My thanks go to everyone who bought a copy, especially when there was so much demand, the book entered Amazon’s top 100 books for writers, even reaching the top 40! The reviews on Amazon have also shown me that the book has helped other writers reframe things in their own mind about their writing, and I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to contact me personally, to share their stories about how the book has helped them. When you spend many, many months writing such a book (and many, many years trying to interest a publisher – but I’m a positive writer, so I knew it would happen one day), it’s so gratifying to hear of other people’s stories of how my words have helped them.

If you’re reading this before February 12th, and you don’t have a copy of The Positively Productive Writer yet, then I suggest you nip over to Helen Yendall’s Blog, where she’s running a competition to win a copy.

But if you can’t wait until then, why not buy your own copy and let’s spread the positivity. And this is from the man who has a short story in this week’s The Weekly News. (The same story that The Weekly News rejected when a temporary fiction editor was in position. Proof that rejection isn’t the end of the world!)

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