Books for Writers

The Complete Article Writer has just been published and now brings my range of books written especially for writers to three.

The Complete Article WriterThe Complete Article Writer takes you through the whole process: from developing your ideas (and making the most of them for as many different markets are you can), to analysing your target markets, choosing the right structure, adding sparkle and interest and how to sell the idea before you’ve written the article, as well as what to do once the article has been published.

To find out more, and to download the a free PDF copy of the Introduction and Chapter One, click here.

Photography for Writers by Simon Whaley - (small)

Photography for Writers shows how supplying photos with your words can improve your chances of publication, as well as increase the amount of money you get paid for your writing. It takes you through the steps of how to get to know your camera better, how to store and file your images so you can find them again for other articles, and how to send images to editors. For more information, click here.

9781846948510_The Positively Productive Writer_PB.indd

The Positively Productive Writer is the motivational book to help you get your writing done! It doesn’t teach you how to write, it shows you tricks and techniques for getting your dreams down on paper and actually creating something. The more positive you are, the more productive you will be, and the more productive your are, the more positive you will be. It’s an upward spiral! Get that book you’ve always dreamed of writing written … then you stand a chance of getting it published! To find out more click here.