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The Complete Article Writer

After many months of work, I’m pleased to announce that the series of eight workshops I devised for the 2014 Writers’ Holiday at Fishguard has now been turned into book format: both print and eBook, and both are now available.

Have you fancied writing for magazines but don’t know where to start? Have you had some article publishing success but want to consolidate your knowledge? Feel you should be making more of your ideas and broaching new markets? Well, drawing upon my own article-writing experience (over 600 articles published in the UK, USA and Australia) and my tutoring/workshop facilitating background, I’ve produced and easy-to-read, but highly practical guide to becoming the complete article writer.

The Complete Article Writer is over 60,000 words of advice on how to:

– generate article ideas and maximise their potential,

– analyse magazines to identify the different readerships and the elements of your idea that will be of most interest to them,

– choose the right structure for each article, to make it and engaging read for the reader,

– add interest and sparkle to your article,

– sell your idea to a magazine and get commissioned to write your article,

– understand the different rights a magazine may buy and the implications this has for you,

-what to do when you finally obtain a copy of your published article.

So the Complete Article Writer takes you through the whole process: from developing your idea, targeting your readership, writing your article and what to do once it has been published. (Yes, there’s stuff to do even after your article has appeared in print.)

For a full breakdown of the book’s contents check out the book page on my website here.

BUY from Amazon UK.

Print RRP £7.99

eBook RRP: £2.99

FREE PDF SAMPLE (Contents Page, Introduction and Chapter One) The Complete Article Writer