Dating With Non-Fiction

There are, on average, 125,000 new books published in the United Kingdom every year. Approximately 20% (25,000) are novels. The rest are non-fiction. The opportunity for having a non-fiction book published is therefore much greater, so why not make your first book a non-fiction one? […]

Keeping It Local

Simon Whaley explores the benefit of authors getting involved with their local literary festivals … Keeping It Local was published in the Autumn 2015 issue of The Author, the Journal of the Society of Authors Keeping it local Phyllis Blakemore will always remember her appearance […]

Age UK Magazine Models

My latest batch of Age UK photos has been published in The People’s Friend magazine. They’re such a lovely team at the Newport, Shropshire shop, and they are all fantastically friendly, especially when they hate having their photos taken! Mind you, I can understand their […]

The Wrong Number

Writers’ News magazine: Most fiction writers like to add realistic elements to the stories, but if you want to give your character a realistic telephone number, who are you going call? Simon Whaley gets hung up on the telephone numbers which are dialled in dramas.

The Wrong Number

When Lisa Edwards’ telephone number appeared on Ricky Butcher’s mobile phone in an episode of the BBC’s popular Eastenders soap opera last year, she soon discovered what happens when a real-life telephone number is used in a piece of drama. Some 2,800 people either called […]