Summit Missing

BBC Midland’s Today liked my photo of the Stretton Hill’s missing summits today. (Felt like November, not September!)

Sunny Snapper

Snapped again on the regional weather forecast!

Shefali’s Stretton

BBC Midlands Today did a big feature on the Church Stretton Arts Festival today, and then Shefali did the weather and used one of my WeatherWatcher photos, taken on my …

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Foggy Snapper

It’s August! Hence why I was able to snap the fog this morning. At least Midlands Today liked it!

Six o’clock Snapper

Well, the forecast for today was one of dryness and sunshine, so I took the opportunity to tackle one of the routes I need to do for Country Walking magazine. …

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Sunshine Snapped

We haven’t seen much sun so far this summer, but here’s proof we’ve seen some!

Snapper Simon … in Clun

While out doing a walk for Country Walking magazine today, I snapped a photo of the Clun Valley … and by teatime it was on the telly 😉

National Snapper

Snapped at 9am, on the BBC1 One o’clock news national weather forecast at 1.30pm.

Evening Snapper

Not much cloud over South Shropshire for the Midland’s Today roadshow at Craven Arms today.