Obliterated Snapper

It may say 30th June on the calendar, but it hasn’t felt like June for nearly a week now. And BBC Midland’s Today weather presenter Rebecca Wood commented how in Church Stretton the hills have been obliterated by low cloud! 

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Ludlow Snapper

I caught some breaks in the clouds above Ludlow town centre, while out stretching my legs at lunchtime today.

Snapper Drizzle

Even drizzly walks have their highlights 😝

Breakfast Snapper

When I go away to the Lake District, I usually wake up early on the first morning (excitement!). And this time was no different, something the early dawn chorus no doubt assisted with. So, despite it being 5am, I got up and ventured outside.

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Snappy Snap

It was a tad blowy up the top of Ragleth Hill today, something you can judge for yourself here: But as you can see, there were blue skies, so I …

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Snapping Sunshine

Well, I wasn’t the only one out snapping photos in the glorious sunshine today but, and I know I might be slightly biased here, I think she saved the best …

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Snapper Simon Snaps Snow

Snow and fog in one photo today. Well, it was probably low cloud, rather than fog. But it was flippin’ freezin’ up on the top of Ragleth Hill today. Still, …

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Snowy Snapper Simon

Woke up to a light dusting of snow and fog this morning. Thought I’d head up Ragleth Hill, just in case I could climb above the fog. Didn’t. 😞 But …

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Stormy Weather

The weather yesterday was horrendous, resulting in a lot of flooding across Shropshire today. People said I was mad to go out on my daily walk, but I think Shefali …

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Autumnal Ape Dale

Shefali liked my photo of Ape Dale, near Church Stretton that I snapped today, while out on my walk.