Snapper Simon Soaked

The forecast for today wasn’t great. I had to go to Shrewsbury (to drop my tax paperwork off at my accountant’s) and so I thought I’d do my daily walk somewhere round there. I suddenly remembered Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission site with great parking, and lots of trees … ie: shelter! Nope. There were lots of trees, but the rain was so heavy the leaf canopy was no protection whatsoever. I got drenched! Right through to my skin (which was three layers of clothing away in some places!). Still, at least everyone could tell where I’d been as I wandered round Sainsburys, later that day. I left a great water trail behind me 😝.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining, and it could be argued that today’s silver lining was that my photo taken from the viewpoint at Haughmond Hill was used during the regional evening broadcast. Not a complete waste of effort then!