Freezin’ February

Well, the Beast from the East is approaching, apparently, but that’s nothing that unusual for us here in the Welsh Borders. We get snow quite frequently here – Church Stretton isn’t nicknamed Little Switzerland for nothing, you know!

Still, I missed Shefali’s use of my photo on last night’s late evening broadcast, but thanks to the BBC iPlayer I managed to catch up on the broadcast. It seems Shefali began her broadcast with my image … peeking through her opaque introductory slide …

26th February 2018 – BBC 1 Midlands Today – Late Evening broadcast

And then she revealed it was me!

26th February 2018 – BBC1 Midlands Today – Late Evening broadcast

This was taken in Townbrook Hollow, at the small reservoir at the top end of Rectory Woods. The ice had formed a slight frozen crust, upon which a very powdery and fine snow was beginning to fall.

We’ve got much more on the way, but in the meantime, this will do for now!