Eaton-under-Heywood & Hope Bowdler WI Group

Eaton-under-Heywood & Hope Bowdler WI

I would like to thank the ladies of Eaton-under-Heywood & Hope Bowdler Women’s Institute for the warm welcome they gave me last night. They were the first Women’s Institute group I have spoken to and I hope I managed to entertain them with my talk, “Sandwiched between Kate Adie and Nick Hornby.” (Now that’s got your mind churning, hasn’t it?)

I was a little concerned when I was asked to judge their monthly competition, which last night was in the category of a flower in a stem glass, because, despite being the author of a gardening book, my plant knowledge is very much a sapling, rather than a full bloom. Thankfully, I was told I simply had to choose the best three that I liked! That still wasn’t easy, because all of the specimens were worthy winners, but at least I made three ladies happy last night …

They were all very kind with their support, buying my books, and I even came away with a small doggy bag of home-made cakes!

And yes – I took this picture at the start of my talk, whilst they were still awake, and before I had bored them to sleep!

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