Small Batch Snapper

Good Friday turned out to be a really good Friday! Not only did I climb Ragleth Hill first thing this morning, but as the weather improved, it pulled me back outside, and I went for another walk up onto the Long Mynd. From there, I wandered southwards towards Pole Coppice. (See video below).

Walking along the Port Way.

From there I then headed down towards Little Stretton, but took a route along Small Batch – somewhere I’ve never walked before. (Which sounds blooming stupid when I think I’ve only lived here for 24 years!).

Still, doing that gave me an opportunity to photograph Ragleth Hill from a viewpoint I’d not seen before. And I’m glad I did, because BBC Midlands Today liked it too!

Ooh! I recognise that view!
BBC Midlands Today

So, lots of sunshine, two walks (totalling 11 miles) and a photo broadcast on the telly. Fridays don’t get much ‘gooder’ than that!