Sultry Snapper

It’s ben rather hot here in the Welsh Borders, recently. In fact, we’ve not had much rain at all. As the cliché goes, the ground is rock hard … except it isn’t. When I strolled onto the summit ridge of Ragleth Hill today, the ground sounded hollow. I’m not sure if I should be worried about that or not!

Anyway, the skies were amazing today, and there were some truly amazing cloud formations, as Shefali mention on BBC midland’s Today this evening.

19th May 2020 – BBC Midlands Today – Evening Broadcast.

Here’s another image taken on the same walk …

Clouds above Caer Caradoc

Considering we had such a wet winter here in Shropshire, with some of the worst flooding in recent memory, we could do with a little bit of rain now. That’s the vagaries of the British weather, particularly here on the Welsh Borders!