Sunny Snapper

BBC Midlands Today – Evening Broadcast

Here in the Welsh Borders it’s been precipitating for days. That’s one downside to living in a hilly area – the hills attract clouds that simply sit on top of them and don’t seem to move for days on end.

But this afternoon, they did! They shifted, and they left us with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. I was so grateful for having left my daily stroll until the afternoon.

I was only planning to go out for half an hour, or so, but in the end, I stayed out in the sunshine for nearly two hours 🤣. Nobody can accuse me of not topping up my Vitamin D levels!

I ended up walking up onto the Long Mynd, and coming back via the Devil’s Mouth, a tall, craggy outcrop overlooking the Stretton Hills. And judging by the fact that Shefali selected it as one of the photos for this evening’s weather forecast, I’m rather pleased I did!

While I was up there, I also took a couple of videos, which you can see below.


A 360-degree panorama from the top of the Devil’s Mouth.
A view of the Stretton Hills from the Long Mynd