The Business of Writing – Volume 1

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What is a writer’s responsibility when it comes to tax? What legal implications should writers be aware of? What records should writers maintain, and what’s the best way of doing that? How do you cope with rejection or those crises of confidence that we all have from time to time? When is a pseudonym necessary? How can you improve your productivity?

These, and many more, questions are answered in this collection of articles, first published in Writing Magazine.

More than 50 professional writers, some of whom have appeared on the bestseller lists in the UK, or the New York Times and USA Today, share their tips and advice for making the most of your writing business.

Contributors include:
David Allen, Michael Allen, Judith Allnatt, Sarah Banham, Vicki Beeby, Louise Bolotin, Emily Bullock, Diana Cambridge, Alison Chisholm, Wendy Clarke, Marvin Close, Patsy Collins, Catherine Cooper, Nicholas Corder, Judith Cranswick, Dave Cullen, Nick Daws, Penny Ellis, Elaine Everest, Emma Finlayson-Palmer, Catherine Fitzsimons, Patrick Forsyth, Jean Fullerton, Della Galton, Alex Gazzola, Vanessa Gebbie, Vivien Hampshire, Solange Hando, David Hewson, Sally Jenkins, Sue Johnson, Susie Kearley, Jane Keightley, Natalie Kleinman, Yvonne Sarah Lewis, Kate Long, Anita Loughrey, Lorraine Mace, Adrian Magson, Kathleen McGurl, Eve Menezes-Cunningham, Tarja Moles, Christopher Owen, Joanna Penn, Diane Perry, Joanne Phillips, Julie Phillips, Kate Pool, Pat Posner, Jacqueline Pye, Sally Quilford, Jane Redfern-Jones, Suzanne Ruthven, Glynis Scrivens, Jane Smith, Jonathan Telfer, Paula Williams and Diane Wordsworth.

The articles cover the following topics:

1. Writing Shouldn’t Be Taxing
2. Business Record Keeping
3. Strictly Legal
4. Selling The Right Rights
5. Creating a Business-like Workspace
6. Creating a Business-like Attitude
7. Improving Productivity
8. Dealing With Rejection
9. Network Support
10. The Business Review
11. The Dating Game
12. Maximising Income
13. Writing For Free
14. Living The LitFest Limelight
15. Diversifying The Write Way
16. Business Synergies
17. Annual Leave
18. Back To School
19. Winning Strategy
20. Coping With A Crisis In Confidence
21. Christmas Gifts
22. New Year, New You, New Pseudonym?
23. Productivity Leap
24. Press Trip Protocols
25. Understanding Your Author Contract.

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