The Business of Writing – Volume 2

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How do you attract an agent? Ever thought of funding your next book through crowdfunding? How do you deal with failure? Do you understand your royalty statements? What’s a media kit, and should you have one?

This, and many more questions, are answered in this second collection of articles that first appeared in Writing Magazine.

Contributors include:
Susie Kearley, Fran Tracy, Wendy Clarke, Sally Trueman-Dicken, Maggie Cobbett, Jo Sadler, Meg Kingston, Kayla Whaley, Imogen Howson, Kate Nash, Solange Hando, Jo Derrick, Esther Newton, Richard Blake, Judith Cranswick, Jennie Ensor, Sarah Plater, Carol Anne Strange, Morgen Bailey, Linda Priestley, Tracy Baines, Diane Wordsworth, JT Ellison, Jo Fitzsimons, Beatrice Charles, Alex Gazzola, Diane Perry, Jane Davis, Carolyn Henderson, Leah Mercer, P R Ellis, Sherry Ficklin, Catherine Cooper, Penny Legg, Helen Yendall, Julie Phillips, Janet Johnstone, Eric James, Caroline James, Hilary Jane Jones, Ros Ephraim, Margaret Murphy/Ashley Dyer, Ann Cleaves, Martin Edwards, Chris Simms, and Kate Ellis.

The articles cover the following topics:

Exporting to Foreign Markets
Time Travel
Festive Fever
Conquering Challenges
Agent Attraction
Festive Frustrations
Food For Thought
Royalty Revenue
Kickstarter Your Next Book
Course You Can
Project Failure
Mobile Writing
Selling Out, Or Surviving?
Pirates Ahoy!
Payment Procrastinators
Hybrid Authors
Rights Reversion
Cashing in on the Classroom
Invoicing Instructions
Understanding Your ALCS Statement
London Calling
Waiting for Busses
Media Kits
Giving An Author Talk
Collaborative Marketing