Warning Snapper

I wasn’t going to let a day of blue skies go by without a slightly longer walk than usual. The past few days have been overcast, thanks to the constant snow flurries.

I’ve not been up to the Gaer Stone on Hope Bowdler Hill for a while, so headed up in that direction. There’s a wonderful signpost nearby, which always adds a bit of interest to a photo.

I was delighted to spot on my BBC WeatherWatcher page this image was awarded and Editor’s Pick.

And sure enough, come the lunchtime weather bulletin, up popped a familiar image!

BBC Midlands Today – Lunchtime broadcast

I was, though, a little disappointed to find that instead of being credited, I was replaced by a yellow warning! 🤣

BBC Midlands Today – Lunchtime Bulletin

Oh well! That’s the joys of being a WeatherWatcher!