The world of writing is a bit like busses. Nothing for a ages and then three things come along all at once. Or sometimes four.

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What A Dough Nut!

What A Dough Nut - The Weekly News - 27th August 2016

The Incredible Hulk stood on Sarah’s doorstep, staring down at her.

“A deal’s a deal, luv,” he said. “I shook hands with your husband. We agreed. If you don’t give me the dough in the next two hours, this builder isn’t rising to the job.”

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A Job For Life

A Job For Life - the Weekly News - 26th March 2016

The clock in the servant’s hallway chimed six. Havers bent down and picked up the middle of the three highly-polished, black pair of brogues lined up against the wood panelled wall. His eyes lingered on the pair to the right. Mr Birks’ shoes. As Head Butler, Birks’ shoes were a more ornate than Havers’. The stitched-patterning extended around the side of the shoe, whereas Havers’ shoes only had decoration above the toes. In this world, everything reflected one’s position.

“Morning, Mr Havers. Not a problem with your shoes, is there? I worked hard on cleaning those, I did.”

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The Wedding Crashers

The Weekly News

Laura hated weddings, and so did Zac.

Wedding Crashers - published in The Weekly News
Wedding Crashers – published in The Weekly News

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It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken

The Weekly News (UK), That’s Life Fast Fiction (Australia)

George was always the one preaching restraint …

The Good Life by Simon Whaley
The Good Life by Simon Whaley

“It’s a good life, if you don’t weaken.”

Every time my George issues those words, my resolve to kill him strengthens. He has only been out of hospital for 3 days and I’m run ragged even more than before. He’s been told to take things easy following his sudden collapse last week. So he has. Literally. Just when I thought I’d found five minutes to myself, and was about to bite into one of my favourite naughties …

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