The Wrekin and The Ercall

The May 2021 issue of Country Walking magazine has my route up The Wrekin in it. Now, such is my dedication to give readers the most inspiring photos, that when …

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Ludlow & Bromfield

The May 2021 issue of Country Walking magazine has my six-and-a-bit stroll around Ludlow and Bromfield. Ironically, here we are just coming out of Lockdown 3, and I tackled this …

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River Onny and Hopesay Hill

The September 2020 issue of Country Walking has my River Onny and Hopesay Hill route in it. This was the second route I walked after they eased lockdown restrictions (for …

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Shropshire’s Lake District

The July 2020 issue has my Ellesmere route in it. It’s a classic route because it’s one of the best ways to see three of the largest meres in Shropshire.

Ellesmere – Country Walking – July 2020

First, though, there’s the small matter of negotiating the 80-metre Ellesmere tunnel. (It is possible to avoid this by climbing up to the road and crossing over the road, although the road can be busy at times, so exercise caution.

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Lower Whitcliffe and Wheelers Vallets

Out now in the February 2020 issue of Country Walking is my 7-mile wander around Lower Whitcliffe and Wheelers Vallets – just west of Ludlow.

It’s a gentle wander, perfect for taking slowly to explore the surrounding landscape, and offers some wonderful views, as well as the opportunity to spot some pretty impressive Victorian engineering.

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Readers Like Walking

I’ve been producing walking route descriptions for Country Walking magazine since 2004 (so my feet ache a bit now 🤣), and I always hope that my route descriptions are easy to follow.

It’s not that writing route descriptions are difficult – they’re not. It’s editing them to fit the 500-word count set by the magazine (and then hope they still make sense) that’s the challenge!

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Radnor Ramble

The November 2019 issue of Country Walking contains a route I did around Radnor Forest and the quaint hamlet of Bleddfa, in Powys. If you’re looking for a route where …

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Wandering Around Whitton

The June 2019 issuse of Country Walking magazine contains my 7 ¾ mile wander around the Welsh Border village of Whitton.

Whitton is one of those places that feels as if it’s in the middle of nowhere, yet is only 3 miles from the English/Welsh border.

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Steamy Severn-side Saunter

Step inside the Spring 2019 issue of Country Walking magazine and you’ll find my steamy Severn-side saunter route description. Don’t let the steamy label make you think it’s a walk that will get you out of puff – instead, watch the puffing steam trains go by as the path runs parallel to the Severn Valley Railway.

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Wentnor & Linley Beeches

For a glorious walk through some of Shropshire’s most iconic tree-scapes, check out my Wentnor and Linley Beeches route in the June 2017 issue of Country Walking.

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