Competition Shortlisting

My short story, Toe Dipping, was short-listed in the Write Space ‘Moving On’  competition. The judge, prolific short story writer and novelist, Della Galton said, “I know you didn’t ask for a critique, but because this story was so high in our shortlist I thought […]

Our World Book Night

Further to my World Book Night posting I made yesterday, and Nicola Morgan’s suggestion of a complimentary action of actually BUYING a book from a bookshop and giving it away free to someone else (to the benefit of the bookshop, publisher and author), I have […]

World Book Night

So, it appears that World Book Night is almost upon us. As an author, it is great to see an event that encourages people to read more books. Nicola Morgan’s excellent blog, ‘Help I Need A Publisher‘ raises an important point – that giving away […]

The Wrong Number

When Lisa Edwards’ telephone number appeared on Ricky Butcher’s mobile phone in an episode of the BBC’s popular Eastenders soap opera last year, she soon discovered what happens when a real-life telephone number is used in a piece of drama. Some 2,800 people either called […]

Ganging Up

For those of us who are not offered the support of the publisher’s entire publicity department to promote our latest book, sitting alone in a local bookshop, trying to sell it ourselves can be immensely demoralising. Persistent rain, the final of a great sporting fixture, […]


To celebrate the 100th issue of The New Writer magazine, I want all writers’ circles to celebrate too. But instead of answering a reader’s question this time, I want to set you a challenge. Go to your next writers’ circle meeting and ask the following […]

As Easy As ABC …

“We didn’t meet ‘in the flesh’ until the day we met our publisher,” says Maureen Vincent-Northam, co-author of The ABC Checklist for New Writers. Before this meeting, both Maureen and her writing partner Lorraine Mace, communicated entirely by email and Microsoft’s MSN Messenger whilst writing […]